Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Choosing Evil 👿


Why repeat what we have been doing in previous elections; voting for people whom we don’t quite know, yet we are aware that they are in public office simply to pursue their own personal interests, i.e., to "eat”?

Isn’t it time that forward-thinking Kenyans organised themselves, and very deliberately only elected MCAs and MPs who will be directly accountable to the people and genuinely represent their concerns and interests?

Doing so will ensure that the next parliament and county assemblies can:

  1. truly play the required governance role - providing checks and balances and transparency regardless of who becomes president?

  2. enable a people-led process to complete the implementation of the 2010 constitution and institute any other reforms.

I’m keen to hear thoughts…


How does an inspiring mp join tugutuke

Hi Don,

Visit Kuwajibika – Tugutuke for information on how to run as an independent Kuwajibika candidate.